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Three generations can now be seen at Western Reserve Auction Center, the home of George Roman Auctioneers. George Roman, the founder of George Roman Auctioneers, started the business in 1950. Over fifty years later Georgeís son George Roman III and wife Debbie, son Ron, and grandson, Chris, are now operating the business. The following is a brief summary of one manís vision and how it has grown.

The Beginning
George Roman received his auctioneerís license in 1950. It took 10 years until he received his first big break and was able to run his new business full-time. In the 1970ís, after graduating from Youngstown State University with business degrees, Georgeís two sons George III and Ron decided to make auctioneering their life-long career and joined their father. With 3 full-time auctioneers the business was able to grow at a more rapid pace. At this time they began holding dealer auctions where wholesalers brought goods to be sold to dealers.

In 1972 increased business brought about the need for additional warehouse space, so it was decided to construct a new 6,000 square foot auction facility. With the new facility, weekly auctions could be conducted. Wednesday evenings were chosen to hold the weekly antique, collectibles, glassware, furniture, and household auctions. To this day we have an auction almost every Wednesday.

The Middle Years
Auctions continued to increase in popularity through the 1970ís and mid 1980ís as a direct result of the changing economy. However in 1984 a major change occurred to the dealer auctions. Decreasing attendance, profitability and reduced quality of products caused the need to cancel the dealer auctions. Canceling the dealer auction allowed more time to increase other auctions, while improving the quality and quantity of service being provided.

Between 1985 and 1988: George, George III and Ron obtained their Real Estate Licenseís to expand in another direction and remain competitive. This increased the number of auctions per week and expanded market dominance. Their goal was to expand their reputation to the real estate industry.

A New Era
The year 1989 recorded the start of a new era for GRA. After many years of hard work George Roman decided to step-down and sign the company over to George and Ron. The company was formally placed in George IIIís name with Ron as his partner. George IIIís wife Debbie Roman took over the role of Office Manager. The company decided to complete their Realtor services with George III becoming the broker, and Ron and Debbie placing their licenses under his leadership. The name of the company was changed to George Roman Auctioneers & Realty Co.

The 1990ís brought a lot of learning and growth with the additional responsibilities. GRA was also able to start giving back to the community by performing a number of charitable auctions for local civic and not-for-profit organizations. 1994 was another year of expansion and diversification. Ron and George formed Western Reserve Vehicle & Equipment Auction Inc. and began holding vehicle and equipment auctions twice a month. With the vehicle and equipment auctions growing, and the Wednesday consignment auctions continuing, the decision to reinvest back into the company was made. In 1997 a new 6,000-sq ft auction facility with office space for Western Reserve Vehicle and Equipment Auction was constructed.

In 1998 Chris Roman, son of George III and Debbie, graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in marketing. His desire to continue the family tradition led him back to Canfield where he joined George Roman Auctioneers. Not long after returning to the business Chris obtained his auctioneer license and real estate license. With three full-time auctioneers the company experienced tremendous growth and expansion of services.

The New Millenium
2006 brings the exciting addition of a new office location in the center of Canfield. The number of employees has gone from one (George Roman) to 15 full and part-time employees. The Roman Family Business will continue a tradition of excellence in service and pursue opportunities in the ever-changing auction marketplace.

Come join us for an auction and experience the thrill and excitement!